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  • Name: Touch Screen Hot Runner Control System
  • Number: M20-S, M20-M, M20-L
  • Shelf time: 2018-10-12
  • Views : 105


M20 Touch Screen Hot Runner Control System

-Combo SVG + Temperature Control





Hot Runner Mainframe

1. Temperature only, SVG only, or Combo Controller

2. Max 120 zones

3. Mainframe type is based on control zones, option M20-S, M20-M, M20-L

4. CE complicant


HMI for M20 series

1. Full color LCD touch screen

2. Language: Chinese/English/Spanish

3. 7.0" or 10.1"

4. Installation: finxed on mainframe or portable




                                Main interface- Temperature Control                       Main interface- SVG Control





Control Modules




"All in one" control module

•Reliable, less down-time
•Easy to maintain
•Less spare parts

2-zone per temperature module 

•Independent circuit each zone
•Thermocouple J or K


6-gate per SVG Module

•Gate open/close trigger can be time only, or screw position (and time)
•Both pneumatic valve or hydraulic valve 

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